Timeless Rachel skirt

Pattern review: Rachel skirt / La Maison Victor (LMV)
Patroon overzicht: Rachel jurk / La Maison Victor (LMV)

What I like about La Maison Victor magazine is, that some of the patterns are timeless. Such as this one – Rachel, it is a simple skirt you can easily adapt in the length and create a mini or midi version. As I made this skirt for the third time, this time I decided to apply some advanced techniques for more professional look. And as it’s gonna be a present for my older sister Lucy, I needed to do my very best.

If you are interested in learning more about this pattern and my adaptations, keep reading.

La Maison Victor: Rachel, 1/2016
Fabric: See you at six
Overal rating: 90%


  • Timeless pattern
  • Easy to adapt


  • The original length indicated in the magazine, turned out to be too short, double-check if you don’t have to adapt the length


  • I always add a lining to the garment, and I have to say – it’s really worth doing so. The skirt gets a nice volume and feels more comfortable.
  • Apply the ‘french seam’ for the pockets, you won’t regret it. Your pockets will look very neat! It gives a nice professional touch.
  • When attaching your pockets to the garment, give it one extra stitch 2 mm next to the seam (on the pocket side). By doing so, your pockets will nicely flip and stay inside.
  • This light cotton fabric allowed me to finish the garment with a clean seam, see the picture.

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