The perfect baby romper pattern


Some time ago, I started to sew for our baby on the way. As our baby will arrive in May, I was looking for some comfy baby bubble romper patterns. I spent some time finding THE pattern sparking joy. And believe me, it took some time to find one! I went through countless Etsy pages, saw million Pinterest posts and random blogs until I found it – the Shakalaka baby romper. I really fell in love with this pattern. But I will be honest with you, it’s not a ’20 minutes pattern, including final ironing’. Here is my experience.

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Timeless Rachel skirt

Pattern review: Rachel skirt / La Maison Victor (LMV)
Patroon overzicht: Rachel jurk / La Maison Victor (LMV)

What I like about La Maison Victor magazine is, that some of the patterns are timeless. Such as this one – Rachel, it is a simple skirt you can easily adapt in the length and create a mini or midi version. As I made this skirt for the third time, this time I decided to apply some advanced techniques for more professional look. And as it’s gonna be a present for my older sister Lucy, I needed to do my very best.

If you are interested in learning more about this pattern and my adaptations, keep reading.

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Late summer sewing

Pattern review: Bella dress / La Maison Victor (LMV)
Patroon overzicht: Bella jurk / La Maison Victor (LMV)

A few months ago, when summer 2019 was approaching, I thought, I shouldn’t be weird and like everybody else, I should also get a striped dress. On one fabric fair, I found the fabric of my heart and in the June edition of La Maison Victor, I found a perfect pattern with a very cute detail.
A perfect match!

There was only one bummer. I didn’t find any time to make this dress until late August.
Yes, the summer 2019 was very busy.

If you want o read my review of the pattern, keep reading.

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Next generation sewista

Sewing is my passion. And I’m always very happy to spread this contegious hobby. This time invited my Czech friend Irena and her two dauthters. Especially Beata, the older one, was very excited to make her very first skirt. We did together my favourite super-simple skirt with a ruffled top side and lining. I’ll add the pattern here soon.

Unisex Sewing

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, …

It’s not that I’d be a great fan of gender fluid upbringing. But I’m always glad when I find a nice fabric that looks naturally on baby boy or baby girl.
Also for the simple reason, you can easy recycle them.

marli atelier unisex clothes

Sis & bro: Jasmina 3 months, Henryk 3 months 》2,5 y difference

Weekend mission: Comfortable Jersey Dress

Pattern review: Steph dress / La Maison Victor (LMV)
Patroon overzicht: Steph jurk / La Maison Victor (LMV)

My friend is crazy! She drove 1.800 km to spend a weekend together. When I asked what she wanted to do, I thought she’d like to see Gent, Brugge, Brussels or some other typical Belgian must-sees. But her answer actually took my breath away. “I thought we could spend some time sewing and ake a new cozy jersey dress.”
I didn’t protest. In fact, I liked the idea a lot!

She chose a nice model ‘Steph dress’ from La Maison Victor (LMV)

Well done Aneta. I couldn’t believe this was your first dress ever.

Read further if you want see more details and the review of this pattern.

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Waiting for Jasmina, Waiting for Henryk

I come from a BIG family. And I like it.
One of the reasons is that every good news or joy is multiplied by the number of the family members. Just like it was three years ago, when my brother announced we’ll be getting a new family member – a baby girl.

Believe me, we could not wait to meet her. And because we are a family, my mom and two of my sisters, we came up with the same idea – ‘let’s make the first friends (meaning handmade toys) for this little girl’. So we did. Lucy and Ester (my sisters) are the authors of the sock monkeys. My mom and I decided to make a doll.

It always amuses me to see how different styles we (my sisters and my mom) have. And to make it clear, from the first day Jasmina was born, these buddies guard her sleeping room.

August 2018 meant for our family time of  celebrations as my sisters, born in ‘-8’ year had (obviously) a round-figure birthday. But there is still one member to arrive in August 2018. At the moment we are all impatiently waiting for Henryk, the little brother of Jasmina. And as sewing and crafting is something we share with my sisters and mom, we thought to shorten this unbelievably slow going expecting time by preparing his bed.

I was impressed by my sister Ester, who was able to create a perfect baby nest based just on a pinterest picture.  I believe, Henryk will feel save and comfortable in this nice cosy thingy. In cooperation with my mom I contributed a baby bed bumper to this welcome project.

Henryk, it’s time to come! Your big family (counting already 16 members!) is waiting for you!

EsterExpecting Henryk


The Sock Monkey Workshop

I did not know that my friend Eirini was serious, when she came up with the idea to do a a sock monkey workshop together. I thought that making sock monkeys is something that my sisters would enjoy, but certainly not my colleagues. However, Stephanie’s and Sandrine’s prompt positive reaction: ‘That’s a great idea!’ instantly changed my mind. Actually, why not.

So on one sunny afternoon we got together at our place. After giving the sock monkey tutorial in a nutshell, my friends were ready to start. And after few hours it became obvious we’ll need to find another day to finish the new monkeys-to-be. So we did.

Eventually, I could illuminate the to my friends all the secrets of making the funky sock moneys. And in return, my friends also have shown me something new –> the diversity of approaches how to carry out this project. As each on my friend has an uniques creating style, as unique sock monkeys they created.

Sock Monkey Worskhop III

C2C: Cousin to Cousin

Jasmina is my youngest cousin from Slovakia. She is a kind of person who can make anybody laughing. Her sense of humor is her superpower.
She was visiting my parents together with my other cousin Noemi and my aunt Grazyna just the days when we arrived. What a perfect timing, couldn’t be better.

After one day we spent together I thought it was time to create something together, so I asked the questions I hardly ever get a negative answer. “Shall we make a sock monkey together?” Without any hesitation, Jasmina was all in. Now, we had to solve practical issues. Where to get some socks in a village that counts altogether 300 inhabitants? And believe or not, in this super tiny village, there is a sock factory! So, problem #1 was solved.

Problem #2 – the stuffing.  Where to get stuffing for three monkeys? Well, we did not have to look too far. Mom, I hope you don’t miss the big pillow in the living room. It did a good job. 🙂

And violà, it did not take too long until Jasmina made her first sock monkey.

But the story doesn’t finish here. Jasmina’s dream was actually to learn how to stitch with a sewing machine. And after a quick check, I realized my mom has everything to make a skirt the next morning. Taking into account that Jasmina had to leave before noon, the only moment to make a skirt is 6 AM. What freak would get up at 6 AM?
….Jasmina did! And she showed me, there are no obstacles if you strive to learn something new.

Thanks, Jasmina!

The Sewing Virus is Contagious

Not long ago, we were honored by a visit of Lena from Germany, living currently in Prague. Lena is Wannes’s old friend back from his Erasmus time in Czechia. They have many memories binding them together.

We’re both looking forward to meeting Lena again. We lined-up a typical tourist-must-see agenda for that weekend. Starting late Friday night we did a Leuven-in-night sightseeing tour and continued on Saturday in Antwerps.
But our conversation somehow ended up about sewing and my hobby, which started to interest Lena a lot. The next day she could choose between an artistic trip to Brussels or a sewing workshop at our place. The goal was to  make a personalized skirt.

Well, Lena did not thing too long. The workshop was an ultimate winner. In fact, it was not the first time our visit ended up sewing in my atelier.

I told you, it’s contagious!