Crafting and creating something is in the DNA of our family. I remember my grandmother teaching me knitting in the very early age. At that time I still could sit on her lap surrounded her arms to copy the knitting grip.

From my mother I learned that making something nice is not matter of a budget, but it is matter of creativity. She always kept our home nicely decorated without going deep in her pocket. It is also her from whom I have the inability to go to bed prior to getting the current project done.

From my art-crafty sisters I get a lot of inspiration and motivation. My older sister Lucy is the one who usually comes up with very creative unique ideas. Would you ever think about sewing paintings or making necklaces out of old toys? Well, these are just some examples of her projects.
My younger sister is somebody who I deeply admire for her patiente and discipline. Everything what she makes is just piccobello perfect.

Besides, there is my mother-in-law, who encoraged me to make mistakes. Because only through mistakes you can learn something new.

And this is me, Marta alias marli atelier. In our house I got my extra room, where you can find my creative empire. If you would ever enter my atelier, you would be surprised you can find there. From a ton of fabrics, kilos of yarn, hair felt, billion beads,  two sewing machines, … and much more. I truly enjoy the evenings when I can learn and create something new.


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