C2C: Cousin to Cousin

Jasmina is my youngest cousin from Slovakia. She is a kind of person who can make anybody laughing. Her sense of humor is her superpower.
She was visiting my parents together with my other cousin Noemi and my aunt Grazyna just the days when we arrived. What a perfect timing, couldn’t be better.

After one day we spent together I thought it was time to create something together, so I asked the questions I hardly ever get a negative answer. “Shall we make a sock monkey together?” Without any hesitation, Jasmina was all in. Now, we had to solve practical issues. Where to get some socks in a village that counts altogether 300 inhabitants? And believe or not, in this super tiny village, there is a sock factory! So, problem #1 was solved.

Problem #2 – the stuffing.  Where to get stuffing for three monkeys? Well, we did not have to look too far. Mom, I hope you don’t miss the big pillow in the living room. It did a good job. 🙂

And violĂ , it did not take too long until Jasmina made her first sock monkey.

But the story doesn’t finish here. Jasmina’s dream was actually to learn how to stitch with a sewing machine. And after a quick check, I realized my mom has everything to make a skirt the next morning. Taking into account that Jasmina had to leave before noon, the only moment to make a skirt is 6 AM. What freak would get up at 6 AM?
….Jasmina did! And she showed me, there are no obstacles if you strive to learn something new.

Thanks, Jasmina!

What BBF stands for

20 years ago I had a BFF. Her name was Aneta and she lived 20 kilometers away from my home. We would spend a weekends together frequently doing some crafting – crocheting handbags, making friendship bracelets, etc.

But over the years, the distance between us has expanded to 2.000 kilometers, but… she still comes to visit me! And when she comes… we end up crafting together again in my atelier.

This year we made something for her daughters – a toy using some leftover fabrics.  She was sooo happy.
…truly Best Friends Forever.

Little Princesses on the way

The Czech party in Belgium is expanding. Last year my three Czech-mates brought to the world three beautiful baby-girls – Rosie, Lucia,and Julie. Welcome girls! We were looking forward to meeting you and as a welcome present, we prepared the first diaper cake with a surprise – a monkey-buddy! I hope they will take care of you, girls.

Happily Ever After 2

2017 is a magical year! I’m not even able to count how many friends of mine got married this year. Many, believe me. I’m so happy I could attend many of these weddings and witness this important moment when two people seal their lives together. So much love in the air this year!

Oldies: How Everything Happened

It is that feeling when you surf in your old folders on your laptop and you discover very very old things… Like me today. I had to laugh when I saw these images. Here is my Funky Monkey Mania debut, my very first monkeys. It seems like yesterday when my sis Lucy showed us how to make sock monkeys. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, “Do you want to learn how to make sock monkeys?”, she asked.  And as I never say no, with one breath I replied: “Sure!” And that Sunday I discovered my new hobby – making literally monkey business.

It was also the beginning of our family tradition. And since then, whenever and wherever we reunion with my sisters Lucie and Ester, we make monkeys together. We inspire and encourage each other. We truly have so much fun together every time. 

I will never ever start a blog!

I’m not this kind of person, I thought. Publishing things online and writing long blah-blah  blog posts? No, thanks.
…But after a few years… here I am. I just started my very own blog. But don’t worry, I’m still not planning to post any long bla-bla stuff. I rather aim to share here a lot of images and ideas coming out from my atelier – the marli atelier.

Welcome, and I hope you will enjoy it.

Cheers, on my this blog heading to the world!Vriendes van de koffer