C2C: Cousin to Cousin

Jasmina is my youngest cousin from Slovakia. She is a kind of person who can make anybody laughing. Her sense of humor is her superpower.
She was visiting my parents together with my other cousin Noemi and my aunt Grazyna just the days when we arrived. What a perfect timing, couldn’t be better.

After one day we spent together I thought it was time to create something together, so I asked the questions I hardly ever get a negative answer. “Shall we make a sock monkey together?” Without any hesitation, Jasmina was all in. Now, we had to solve practical issues. Where to get some socks in a village that counts altogether 300 inhabitants? And believe or not, in this super tiny village, there is a sock factory! So, problem #1 was solved.

Problem #2 – the stuffing.  Where to get stuffing for three monkeys? Well, we did not have to look too far. Mom, I hope you don’t miss the big pillow in the living room. It did a good job. 🙂

And violà, it did not take too long until Jasmina made her first sock monkey.

But the story doesn’t finish here. Jasmina’s dream was actually to learn how to stitch with a sewing machine. And after a quick check, I realized my mom has everything to make a skirt the next morning. Taking into account that Jasmina had to leave before noon, the only moment to make a skirt is 6 AM. What freak would get up at 6 AM?
….Jasmina did! And she showed me, there are no obstacles if you strive to learn something new.

Thanks, Jasmina!

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