Late summer sewing

Pattern review: Bella dress / La Maison Victor (LMV)
Patroon overzicht: Bella jurk / La Maison Victor (LMV)

A few months ago, when summer 2019 was approaching, I thought, I shouldn’t be weird and like everybody else, I should also get a striped dress. On one fabric fair, I found the fabric of my heart and in the June edition of La Maison Victor, I found a perfect pattern with a very cute detail.
A perfect match!

There was only one bummer. I didn’t find any time to make this dress until late August.
Yes, the summer 2019 was very busy.

If you want o read my review of the pattern, keep reading.

La Maison Victor: Bella, 3/2019, size 36

Overall rating: 90%


  • A perfect fit of the armhole
  • Nice detail on the back


  • Not really a con, but I struggled with the hole on the back. That was not very easy, especially when you use delicate fabric


  • I tried to avoid the stitch on the bottom of the skirt. I think that this stitch always visually ruins most of the garments. So for the first time, I used the ‘blind stitch’ foot, which is actually my favorite one. But I have never used it for the blind stitch. This was my debut.
    Not 100% satisfied, but it’s OK for the first time. I need to practice more.
  • I was not sure how to positioned the elastics to get the nicest outcome. This way worked perfectly.

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