Weekend mission: Comfortable Jersey Dress

Pattern review: Steph dress / La Maison Victor (LMV)
Patroon overzicht: Steph jurk / La Maison Victor (LMV)

My friend is crazy! She drove 1.800 km to spend a weekend together. When I asked what she wanted to do, I thought she’d like to see Gent, Brugge, Brussels or some other typical Belgian must-sees. But her answer actually took my breath away. “I thought we could spend some time sewing and ake a new cozy jersey dress.”
I didn’t protest. In fact, I liked the idea a lot!

She chose a nice model ‘Steph dress’ from La Maison Victor (LMV)

Well done Aneta. I couldn’t believe this was your first dress ever.

Read further if you want see more details and the review of this pattern.

La Maison Victor: Steph, 1/2017, size 38

Overall rating: 90%


  • Fast result – easy pattern, very cozy
  • Pockets


  • Armholes – felt bit tiny, could be bit bigger …to avoid sweat spots


  • Tunnel collar: used interlining and added holes for a cord, didn’t fold the tunnel
  • Used two fabrics – plain & with pattern
  • Shorten the length of the dress and sleeves

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