The Sock Monkey Workshop

I did not know that my friend Eirini was serious, when she came up with the idea to do a a sock monkey workshop together. I thought that making sock monkeys is something that my sisters would enjoy, but certainly not my colleagues. However, Stephanie’s and Sandrine’s prompt positive reaction: ‘That’s a great idea!’ instantly changed my mind. Actually, why not.

So on one sunny afternoon we got together at our place. After giving the sock monkey tutorial in a nutshell, my friends were ready to start. And after few hours it became obvious we’ll need to find another day to finish the new monkeys-to-be. So we did.

Eventually, I could illuminate the to my friends all the secrets of making the funky sock moneys. And in return, my friends also have shown me something new –> the diversity of approaches how to carry out this project. As each on my friend has an uniques creating style, as unique sock monkeys they created.

Sock Monkey Worskhop III

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