The Sewing Virus is Contagious

Not long ago, we were honored by a visit of Lena from Germany, living currently in Prague. Lena is Wannes’s old friend back from his Erasmus time in Czechia. They have many memories binding them together.

We’re both looking forward to meeting Lena again. We lined-up a typical tourist-must-see agenda for that weekend. Starting late Friday night we did a Leuven-in-night sightseeing tour and continued on Saturday in Antwerps.
But our conversation somehow ended up about sewing and my hobby, which started to interest Lena a lot. The next day she could choose between an artistic trip to Brussels or a sewing workshop at our place. The goal was to  make a personalized skirt.

Well, Lena did not thing too long. The workshop was an ultimate winner. In fact, it was not the first time our visit ended up sewing in my atelier.

I told you, it’s contagious!

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